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The 3rd project period progress

The main task carried out by all the partners during this semester has focused on the development and completion of the Learning Units for the UPWOOD Open Education Resources. All partners have worked hard to carry out the learning units based on the learning outcomes in accordance with the UPWOOD objectives. The UPWOOD curriculum consists of four learning units created following the criteria set up by the European ECVET network. Each learning unit consists of a compendium of lecture notes, presentation slides and assessment materials such as FAQs, multiple-choice question and case studies.

Partners also began work on Intellectual Output 3 "UPWOOD Online training scenarios“, focusing on the development of the assessment methodology. Game-based learning or gamification represents an innovative training delivery method that takes advantage of the educational potential offered by games to boost work-based training procedures.


The methodology describes the educational value of training scenarios in construction work-based learning (WBL), trainers’ roles and responsibilities, instructional design of UPWOOD training scenarios, content specifications for training scenarios, technical requirements and platform specifications.

All the developed learning materials are available under the section "Main deliverables".

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